Writing Prompt Day 6

Which family member are you closest to?

This is easy: None of them. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, each and every one of them, but I share very little in common with any of them. I was a computer geek, movie buff, sci-fi nerd, book reading, political junkie kid. Sure, these are common traits among individual members of my family, but it wasn't much to build a relationship upon aside from societal traditions.

I share a passion for books with my mother, politics with my sister, sci-fi and movies with my brother and computers with my father. Most of these interests peeked in my teenage years when everyone was too busy with their own lives to talk. At a certain point we all just existed around each other, not connecting, just having been connected.

I call my father every week or so, to check in. Sometimes I get on the phone with my mom. I reach out to my sister and brother, but almost ever get calls, texts, or even emails from them. We live separate lives, but i'm okay with that, it's who we are.