Outlining and Arguing

On Friday I started working on an outline for the spec that my partner and I are doing. That is to say, I sat at my computer for an hour and thought about the show and where we could take it. I looked over the pilot script that I had, broke that down, and then put it away. The pilot is a very general document, it's not the law of the show. This is my first project since college with a partner. Writing with one can be very rewarding, challenging, and also disappointing. My experience over this last week has been the former rather then the latter.  As we've started as friends and are only a few days into this exercise, things pop up, we get distracted together, but we pull back into it just as easy. It's important to make sure you both have the same motivation level, or you'll find yourself in that disappointed category.

What's also great about having a partner is you share the work. We outlined an idea together and now she'll write out a draft this week and we'll take a look at it next weekend. Then if it's a workable draft, i'll do a pass on it. And back and forth until it's polished. If it's not, then we start again. All in all, it gets us one step closer to a spec.