No Fear

Trying to take my own advice and write something interesting. The hardest part of writing something new is picking the right story. Sometimes it's something from your life, or a random thought you had during the day, but there's a spark and you're off. I was having a chat with a writer friend who asked me why I was writing something new. I had to be honest with him and myself; I've never really taken any writing classes. I don't have any specs that stand up, and I need to practice what I preach. Satisfied with the answer he wrote back, "What are you going to spec?". There is was, the question I had been dreading. In my previous Week 1 post, I gave a bunch of examples of shows that are prefect for specing. Not being a huge drama fan to begin with, my options are limited. He suggested something I hadn't thought of ever doing, something bold, something hard, but ultimately the right idea for me.

Hopefully most of you know of the hit series on BBC America/Space "Orphan Black". It's star, Tatiana Maslany was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance. It's a fresh take on a standard science fiction trope and I took to it immediately. Since the second season hasn't started up yet, it's best to set a spec episode somewhere in the middle of the first season. I'll be rewatching the first season and trying to determine if I can find a thread and start working on this.