Failing upward

No. Just no. I can’t keep watching people make inane connections to justify their decisions. It’s absurd that after years of trying not to be a joke, we do the one thing that people can point at and go, at least we didn’t do that.

I have a sorted history with web video, I started by being a shmuck who helped made comedy for the sake of grabbing a still with boobs in it to rake in some cash, not even really enough to cover the cost of shooting most days, but I did it because it was a job and also because I’m a shmuck who loves boobs.

I did other things, less silly things, but things that took more of my soul, and ended up crushing me down more and more because as much as I believe in myself, there’s someone who can top me. But between all of that I wrote some jokes.

I haven’t done much in the way of a career so far, but I can at least say I’ve been paid to write. Granted, I begged for the job, didn’t expect to get paid, and then tried to turn it down because I felt bad since they were shitty jokes. However, they got used in the monologue of a awards show that was supposed to celebrate a community, but as awards shows go, we needed to entertain. So we did, by poking fun at the presenters, the nominees, and ourselves. I don’t even remember which jokes got used, I have the list of ones I sent to the host, (Paul, god bless you, you magnificent bastard), but everyone enjoyed them until the show went sideways.

I don’t know if anyone even knew I wrote the jokes, I know it came up a few times for weeks afterwards, but I stand by them, because fuck you, they’re funny.

What does Vanilla Ice have to do with web video? I believe that’s the question of the week for which I have no answer.