I just turned 28. I live in Los Angeles, i’ve worked on feature films, television shows, and a bunch of other small projects. I still haven’t accomplished much, but i’m working at it.

Birthday’s are a great time to take stock of your life, to see what you’ve done on your time on this planet, and to set some goals for yourself for the future. I have a simple goal.


If i’m to call myself a writer, i’ve really got to step up my game. The best way to do this is to blog, every day, for as long as I can. So i’ll start today, my birthday.

From the start, the day has been off. Working at 5am on your birthday, at a job that pays the bills, just so you can write, even when you don’t, is just that more depressing. Luckily it was followed by a three hour drive with someone I didn’t expect to have as interesting a conversation with. Followed up by an inpromptu birthday party/dinner, and then a movie by myself (something that I really do enjoy).

It’s a good birthday, filled with enough birthday messages to drain my phone battery and leave me in a bar bathroom trying to coax it to give up the address of my hotel.

I’ll finish up here, it’s a good start. 

P.S. Mojito’s + 5 hour energy drink = A great time

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