Transformers Quick Review

A Michael Bay Film, about an 80's cartoon/toy line, staring Shia LeBouf? How the hell did that equal a great movie? I can't even begin to explain. I went with a few fans of the old cartoon, while I was watching Ducktails, they were arguing the fundamentals of Autobot/Decepticon relations. But I got hooked when I saw that Bumblebee was going to be a 08/09 Camaro, I stood at attention.

Not everyone will have the same previews, but the first one by JJ Abrams is still Untitled. It is not a Godzilla film, but it is similar in some ways.

Back to the movie, Michael Bay is known for putting on quite a visual show and sacrificing the plot. Since Transformers is an already established story and is clearly eyecandy already, it was actually the perfect Michael Bay film, possibly his best yet.

As 80's cartoons go, Transformers ranks up there with GI Joe (not yet a movie). A cartoon that has Robots turning into cars, and then back into robots is every boy's dream. Turning it into a summer blockbuster, filled with special effects, a hot, young (21) girl, good tunes (the soundtrack isn't half bad, good car driving music), and lots of explosions is akin to going to the bank and robbing it. Unlike most Bay films, they want to give you their money. Fanboys have been waiting years for this, and they're are not disappointed.

As for Shia LaBouf... he's a funny guy. I watched him on Evan Stevens, Holes, and the Battle for Shaker Hights. He's got good comedic timing, not movie star good looking, and makes somewhat good choices when it comes to movies. I think Indy 4 will be pretty good with him in it.

Overall, a good flick, enough visual effects for you to catch it in the theater unless you've got a kickin system at home.