Die Hard 4 Quick Review

I just got back from the theater for the 12:01 show, so I present a short review.

This is not the best die hard, it will come in second to 1 and 3 depending on your point of view. But, it has a lot of great pieces that make it a worthwhile film. Between the flash of Bond, and the cunning raw smarts of Borne is John McClane, the average joe caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Granted this plot is pure movie reality (hackers are portrayed with a mix of fact and fiction, law enforcement is not quick to catch on, the bad guy is misunderstood, 1-800-HENCHMAN) and at least one of the stunts leaves you looking around, trying to figure out if that could even occur. The cast is pretty damn decent, Timothy Olyphant is a decent bad guy (though after catch and release I want to see him in more good guy roles), Mary Elizabeth Winstead pulls off some McClane-esqu quips in the face of danger, and Kevin Smith is perfect in a cameo that has some great quotable lines. Justin Long is actually my favorite supporting character, he's no Zeus, but he actually goes through a character arc in the film. 

Overall, it's a movie made to be seen in the theater, so take a few hours and catch it. And don't bother dragging your girlfriend or wife to see it, unless they liked the other films, this isn't going to win them over either.