Oh follow me down the road

I have 3 different journals... or at least 3 different places to write things online. So it makes things tough to remember what journal to update when... Anyway, the constant is that i'm working retail, with a BA... in film. I should have seen this coming no?

I should be working on writing things, but the lack of brain cells or lack of interesting people around me has kept me from doing much of anything.

I did however sign up for a class about 3 months ago with Second City. This class starts next week.

I bought a domain + hosting for $10 for a year. It's going to be about the next script I write, or at least how i'm trying to figure out what to write.

I'm quitting my job, benefits are nice, but I haven't even used them. And the pay is shit. So I might just intern for a few months and pray that I can suck up enough to get a real job.

Or i'll move back to California... to LA... and since I already have no soul, i'll fit right in.

I met a girl, actually i've met a bunch of different girls... but I work in retail and bum around my parents house... i'm what they've been waiting for.

I must sleep, but only for 3.5 hours before I must get up again for work.