One Taint, Two Chuck Norris, Three Bakers Dozen Cupcakes

I think that working at a retail job to support my writing is a necessary evil. But I have to maintain some sort of faccade there while i'm working, for instance, that I give a damn. So I jump through the hoops and go after promotions. A bookstore is like a singles bar, you dress up and order something to attract someone, then you go home and check craigslists missed connections to see if anyone noticed you. They didn't.

I did a bit of updating, you'll see the playlist change while I listen to songs and soon i'll even turn the camera back on. Exciting, no?

Finally a few videos to entertain you with.

Kevin Federline - Musical Genius Taint and Shocker - A Daily Show Report Chuck Norris has counted to infinity…. twice. Young Chuck Norris Lazy Sunday