To what becomes

My application to the New York Directors Guild of America 2nd AD program was not recieved... this displeases me greatly. I now have no idea what i'll do if I can't find something by June, my self imposed cut it or suck it up date. Moving back to California is an option, not a great option, but it is doable. As long as there's a job there. So I sit and wait and save up working a job in retail. I could go look for a better job while I look for a job in film, but I have other things to consider. If my buddy Esker leaves to return to the west coast, i'll make a decision on the next direction to take.

You may now notice a new progress bar on the sidebar that will track the direction my writing is going. Without a deadline, my procrastination has taken hold. So i'll track the current script and add new progress bars as I start on new scripts.

Might also switch the domain again, depending on what happens in the next few months. Let me know with some comments.

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