Job Hunt - October

So far I think i've applied to about 100 different job postings for various posisitions in and around NYC. How many have called me back asking if I would like to come in for an interview? That's right, one. So while I wait and try to figure out a get rich quick scheme, I figured I would finally post an update. I did work as an intern a few weeks ago doing office work for a independent feature that you may see on the shelves at Blockbuster sometime next year, but nothing to big. I don't plan on getting any extra work from them since I bailed a day before the shoot ended citing the fact that it cost me to come into work everyday and I still wasn't getting paid, and I wasn't learning anything that I could use for future work.

So in the meantime I got togeather with a few people online and started a little screenwriters cabal that would work togeater to turn out some really fine pieces of cinema that you may actually read one day. Like most writers, we all seceretly believe that our writing is shit and that we are instantly amazed when someone wants to read it, and then blown away when they like it. It's happened a few times to myself, and sometimes it is just smoke being blown up someone's ass, and other times it is genuine honesty.

My point being is that at least two of the people I am working with will have a future in writing and I just hope I can ride their tailcoats until my own success rears its head. I posted a message to the group yesterday announcing that I will complete and sell a screenplay by my next birthday. It may not seem to hard to write a script in almost a year's time, but the hardest part is coming up with the general idea that is marketable. So when i'm not looking for work or helping out a family member, i'll be plugging away at a new screenplay that will hopefully keep me from a regular 9 to 5 job for the rest of my life.