New Fall Shows

Here's my list on what new shows will hit and miss this season on tv based on either the pilots, previews or just the descriptions from each network. ABC Commander and Chief - Hit Freddie - Hit Hot Properties - Miss Invasion - Miss Night Stalker - Miss

NBC The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Hit E-Ring - Hit Inconceivable - Miss *My Name is Earl - Hit Surface - Hit Three Wishes - Miss

CBS Close to Home - Miss Criminal Minds - Hit Ghost Whisperer - Miss *How I Met Your Mother - Hit Out of Practice - Hit *Threshold - Hit

Fox Bones - Hit Killer Instinct - Miss Head Cases - Hit *Kitchen Confidential - Hit Prison Break - Hit Reunion - Hit *The War At Home - Hit

WB Just Legal - Miss Related - Hit Supernatural - Hit Twins - Hit

UPN *Everybody Hates Chris - Hit Love, Inc. - Hit Sex, Love & Secrets - Hit

While some may be misses, they might still run through the entire season because of a gap in programming. I'm going with a 50% chance on all of these, except "How I Met Your Mother", I expect to see at least 2 more seasons of that come up. Anything marked with a (*) would be considered a show I believe is something that will be watched for years to come and highly referenced as well.

Back to the television, my one true love.

Post your hits and misses in the comments!