Dead Air

I'm just going to start out by saying that I have not been posting as much since there really is nothing going on here. But I will try to recount the last few weeks for my loyal readers. I went down to Florida a few weeks ago to move my brother into his first house. When I used to live there about 4 years ago, I loved the weather. Then again, I lived in an air conditioned house and almost never left, unless it was to go to another air conditioned building. So I spent a majority of the weekend unpacking boxes, moving boxes, fixing computers, and setting up televisions and tivo. Hopefully I will get the chance to visit him again and be able to hang out instead of unpacking. I also got to see two very good friends of mine, where we reminicsed about high school and updated each other on what was new.

Returning back to Jersey, I was assigned to help my sister move into her new apartment. Lucky for me, we got to move some nice and heavy couches. Her roommates were nice, and we helped them out as well, seeing as how my father and I seemed to be the only people in the area who could lift most of the furniture ourselves.

Today I woke up in the afternoon, not sure of how I ended up sleeping so late. Went downstairs and checked the email for job offers, and made myself some chicken parm for lunch while I surfed the web some more.

I checked my clock and noticed that if I hurried I could catch the matinee of "The 40 Year Old Virgin" which I have been waiting to see, but my movie buddy is currently unavailable due to law school. The movie had me rolling in my seat, but some kid behind me kept yelling about how "that was as funny as Sinbad". Turning around, I noticed this kid just made the R-rating limit on age and wondered how the hell he could know who Sinbad was. My guess was that an older brother inflicted it upon him during his childhood, and he never was the same again.

Popped by the mall to see if I could spend more money I didn't have on anything, but decided to save it. Drove back to town and dropped into Staples to pick up an office chair and get my new ACLU card laminated. Talked with some of the sales girls while they tried to figure out if they could sell me a chair that was on the floor. They couldn't, so I bought another one that was cheaper and didn't collect as much dust. Picked up a few mags before I headed back home.

Setup the chair in my new room, backwards at first, then I fixed it. Brought down my new "used" bookcase and filled it with books that I might ignore for a good part of their time on the shelves. Finished putting away my comics and then I played a little poker before finishing up with a little web surfing before hitting the hay.