Finally, New Jersey

After 3 days on the road, we have made it home. Esker and I took turns driving as we sidestepped freaks, wierdos, and most of the cops. We slept in the passenger seat the whole way home, sometimes for only 30 minutes at a time. I can tell you that most of my brain was fried by the time I pulled up to my house. We did a video journal of the entire trip, that when I get a chance, I will edit and put up for people to watch. Now, while I appreciate our great country, I have to say that most of America is boring as hell. I know this because I was asked my most of the people we met along our way, what the hell we were doing in their fine state. Further questioning revealed that they would like to go to one of two places, California or New York. Go figure.

I've got to wake up in 5 hours to head to the airport, saying goodbye to my best friend, atleast for a few months. Lucky for me, my childhood friend has moved to Jersey as well. I'm sure the next few weeks will be filled with more stories then the last few, so here's to say I'm back.