I Am Yul Brynner

As I lay awake this morning, contining my instincts to go downstairs and destroy the living room filled with goodies, I watched "I Love the 80's Strikes Back" and they mentioned Cool Runnings, the movie based on the first Jamacian bobsled team... channel surfing over to HBO I encounted what else... Cool Runnings... god damn cross promotional !@#$%... I must mention the 24 hour Christmas story marathon... I hate it. The movie in itself is good, but not good enough to play for an entire day nonstop. If I had a goal in life as a director it would be to make the ultimate holiday movie, so that no holiday movie could top it... and it would star... Yul Brynner... ya know... if he was alive.

My loot list will follow this post, but not for another 12 hours... and at least now I might be able to post pictures.