Hard Cold Rain

Back in New Jersey, where the cold is the thing you think of the most. Slept most of the flight here, mostly because Catwoman can do that to you. Yesterday I went to Barns and Noble because my mom works there and I get the fatty book discount. Every five seconds I found a new book, to bad I have to wait until Monday to pick up any new books so I don't get copies of stuff that i'm getting for Christmas. I spend a lot of time at B&N when I come home because it's a good place to read and write and they've got Starbucks and the used section too.

So far i've gotten a C- in my hard class and a B+ in my easy class... so something screwy is going on...

Tonight is Christmas eve, i'm off to my aunts for some dinner and poker. Tomorrow i'll be cooking most of the day for the afternoon. I've got no plans for New Years yet, but was thinking about going to the city.

Anyway, call, email, im me if anyone is around and wants to hang out.