My Top 5: Movies of 2004

After just getting back from the movies, I do what I normally do, I rank my top movies and see where the newest one fit. Being an exceptionally boring day, I saw two movies. One, Lemony Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events, was nice to watch and just see a funny movie that was for the kids, but threw a bunch of jokes towards the adults. This did not make the list. What did do it for me was later on I decided to go see Spanglish. I decided to see it based on the fact that it got a lot of not so hot reviews, and I usually love what critics seem to hate. I also love Adam Sandler playing against himself, or anyone in fact playing against what they normally would do, that's what acting is for me. I won't bore you with the details of the movie, but I will tell you this movie is in my top 5. Along with Spanglish are the following films, Sideways, Napolean Dynamite, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and number one is Garden State.

My taste in movies, I find, is completely different from anyone I know. If you do seem to like the same movies that I do... marry me.

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