Time has no meaning... in bed

I slept all day, well, most of it. I woke up to get my hoodies for my little bros, and that was pretty much the only real movement out of me today. Call it relaxing, call it being sick, call it what you will, I loved it. I wish they could bottle up the feeling of lying in bed and not having to move... I think it's called vicodin... I'll have to check it out. Still have 4 papers to write. 2 are pretty much done while i've got two that need some real work. Sucks for me. Next Wednesday I ship back out to the family and start to write out all the scripts I have outlines for. Should be coming back with 3 next pieces for production in the Spring.

Gotta get up in 6 hours to go watch a bunch of films for a final and make fun of the directors. No really, that's what I do.

Two different graduation parties to go to this weekend. So there's a good chance that i'll be missing two days of my life come next week.

Link Time:

Lohan Freestyle - Don't ask, and don't watch at work, or do if you work for Hefner.

Stewie - In honor of me recieving my Family Guy Season 3 DVD I present my favorite toy.

Now where is my pillow...