Getting Retarted

I finished filming/editing my 170 project, a send up of a scene from Chasing Amy. I didn't want to do the project, and the set was nothing like I wanted, but I suffered my way through that and my 10 minute editing demo, so I got a B on the project. Next project I do will be much better, Esker and I still have our old projects, but right now they are to big to film in the confines of the class, so we've decided to focus on smaller projects until next semester. Up next is another installment of Boris and Emburto, a commercial, and a short on politics. There's a bunch more we have floating in our heads, but with our heavy political science course load, it will have to wait until next round. Now i've got to work on my graduation forms so I can get the hell out of here and move out to NYC.