Thing we do to stay sane

The weekend was good, Sunday we went down to Atlantic City and I lost about $90, but that's the breaks. I stopped in Red Bank to pick up comics which made me happy. Monday night we went to my Aunt's house to hang out. Today (Tuesday), I spent my time at home watching Cali, one of my dogs. My other dog is getting his legs worked on and we didn't want her to freak out. My mom is going in for work too this weekend, which makes my leaving ill timed, but necessary.

Tomorrow i'll be going to Barns and Noble, my mother works there and i'm going to drink some tea, stand around, and get some cheap books while i'm at it.

I want to go out with people while i'm here, another week or so, but most people are busy with their lives so I don't want to bug them to much.

West Wing is on, god I love good television.