Writing Prompt Day 7

What do you feel grateful for today?

I'm healthy, employed, and have wonderful friends. This is one of the high points in my life, and sometimes it's just a good idea to sit back for a minute and to enjoy it. Even if things aren't going well for you, or you've got something you'd like to improve, remember that it's not about how it is, but how it's going to be. Take a moment, i'll keep the time.

Writing Prompt Day 6

Which family member are you closest to?

This is easy: None of them. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, each and every one of them, but I share very little in common with any of them. I was a computer geek, movie buff, sci-fi nerd, book reading, political junkie kid. Sure, these are common traits among individual members of my family, but it wasn't much to build a relationship upon aside from societal traditions.

I share a passion for books with my mother, politics with my sister, sci-fi and movies with my brother and computers with my father. Most of these interests peeked in my teenage years when everyone was too busy with their own lives to talk. At a certain point we all just existed around each other, not connecting, just having been connected.

I call my father every week or so, to check in. Sometimes I get on the phone with my mom. I reach out to my sister and brother, but almost ever get calls, texts, or even emails from them. We live separate lives, but i'm okay with that, it's who we are.

Writing Prompt Day 4

"Today you wore ____________"

Jeans, Black T-Shirt, Sneakers. It's my go-to outfit when I don't want to think about what to wear. I've got a closet full of clothes, with the appreciation to back it up, but most days I don't want to take the time to dress up. The more I think about it, the more I realize i'm emulating my father's choice of black shorts, white t-shirt, his go-to around the house/weekend wear. Perhaps his desire to be comfortable when he can be, rather then fashionable when he has to be has rooted itself into my brain.... ideas to ruminate upon.

Writing Prompt Day 3

Who do you miss the most right now?

I truly wish I had someone to miss right now; I've been lucky to see three of my very good friends this week, my father came to town, and I've found I don't need much. I've been a solitary guy for most of my life, but happy to attend a party or even host one. I value my time alone because as each day passes, I will still be here.

Writing Prompt Day 1

For the foreseeable future, i'll be posting writing prompts every day and answering them.

On a scale from one to ten, how healthy are you?

Starting off strong here, so let's get into it.

About 14 months ago I lost my job, fell into a semi-depression, and started to punish myself by withholding snacks and soda. I stuck with it for about six months when a good friend suggested I check out a local gym a few people I knew had started. I resisted, joining a gym sounded like the worst idea in the world. Don't get me wrong, I'd been a member of a gym before, found out that I got quite addicted to it, but ended up hurting my knee and retreating to my couch. But I found out that this gym was different. NerdStrong... yep, that's the name. 

Eight months and about 40 pounds later, i'm healthier, but no where near in shape. I work out about 5 times a week, see a nutritionist, starting to eat clean for the next six weeks and hopefully will drop another 10 pounds. It's hard, but satisfying to see the changes. 

How healthy am i? I'd give it a 7 on the way to a 10.

Outlining and Arguing

On Friday I started working on an outline for the spec that my partner and I are doing. That is to say, I sat at my computer for an hour and thought about the show and where we could take it. I looked over the pilot script that I had, broke that down, and then put it away. The pilot is a very general document, it's not the law of the show. This is my first project since college with a partner. Writing with one can be very rewarding, challenging, and also disappointing. My experience over this last week has been the former rather then the latter.  As we've started as friends and are only a few days into this exercise, things pop up, we get distracted together, but we pull back into it just as easy. It's important to make sure you both have the same motivation level, or you'll find yourself in that disappointed category.

What's also great about having a partner is you share the work. We outlined an idea together and now she'll write out a draft this week and we'll take a look at it next weekend. Then if it's a workable draft, i'll do a pass on it. And back and forth until it's polished. If it's not, then we start again. All in all, it gets us one step closer to a spec.

No Fear

Trying to take my own advice and write something interesting. The hardest part of writing something new is picking the right story. Sometimes it's something from your life, or a random thought you had during the day, but there's a spark and you're off. I was having a chat with a writer friend who asked me why I was writing something new. I had to be honest with him and myself; I've never really taken any writing classes. I don't have any specs that stand up, and I need to practice what I preach. Satisfied with the answer he wrote back, "What are you going to spec?". There is was, the question I had been dreading. In my previous Week 1 post, I gave a bunch of examples of shows that are prefect for specing. Not being a huge drama fan to begin with, my options are limited. He suggested something I hadn't thought of ever doing, something bold, something hard, but ultimately the right idea for me.

Hopefully most of you know of the hit series on BBC America/Space "Orphan Black". It's star, Tatiana Maslany was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance. It's a fresh take on a standard science fiction trope and I took to it immediately. Since the second season hasn't started up yet, it's best to set a spec episode somewhere in the middle of the first season. I'll be rewatching the first season and trying to determine if I can find a thread and start working on this.